Admin label for HTML field

Most Gravity Forms fields let us set an admin label. The HTML field is an exception. Even though the HTML field’s config includes the admin label as a parameter (that can be set by editing the config manually), the setting isn’t visible in the form editor. Is there an easy way to make the HTML field’s admin label editable from the editor?

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Hi Karl. I’m curious what your use case is. Can you explain? I can add a feature request for you once I know how you plan to use it. Thank you.

Thanks for considering adding it as a feature request.

I try to avoid hardcoding field IDs in our Gravity Forms addon. I instead refer to the fields by their admin labels. That way, the addon works with any form and isn’t dependent on the order the fields were added to the form. It works great with all fields except for the HTML field.

Thanks Karl. I will add that. Your use case makes sense.

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