Connecting WordPress Leads to Pardot via Gravity Forms/CRM Perks

We hope to collect leads through our new WordPress website using Gravity Forms. The goal is for those leads to be fed into Pardot. To connect Gravity Forms and Pardot, our external development team recommended CRM Perks.

All plugins are installed/configured.

When submitting FORM A (the first form on this page: Colleges & Universities - PolicyMap), the lead is correctly fed into Pardot. Gravity Forms confirms the submission, and the prospect activity appears in both the Pardot form handler and prospect activity feed.

When submitting FORM B (orange request demo button here: New Jersey Health Initiatives - PolicyMap) the lead does not feed into Pardot. Gravity Forms confirms the submission, BUT the prospect activity does not appear in either the Pardot form handler and prospect activity feed.

FORM B uses a ‘custom’ field. The field is a drop down that allows the user to select the industry they work in, and we created this field in Pardot.

Any forms that collect ‘custom’ fields are not working.

If you have any advice, or can flag an errors in our work, that would be much appreciated!!

We’ve reached out to support from CRM Perks and Pardot, both teams believe the error is with Gravity Forms. I’ve reached out to support from Gravity Forms twice now… it’s been over a week… and I’ve not heard back. If anyone has advice on how to best get in touch with their support that would also be helpful.

Screenshot of FORM B setup:

Faith, just a few things to clarify here.

  • We replied to your tickets only a few minutes after their creation, and continued the conversation based on the replies received from you.

  • We do not evaluate, test, guarantee or officially support third party solutions. Therefore we don’t have any experience using them and we’re not familiar with how they’re internally developed or do the job.

  • It’s the responsibility of the third-party developer to provide you assistance for the add-on.

  • Any third-party developer is welcome to Contact Us (no license required) if he thinks there’s something wrong in Gravity Forms that is preventing the add-on from working as expected.

Checking your tickets I see we have recommended you to give a try to the Pardot integration provided by Zapier, as we have a Zapier add-on. We have had no response from you since then (April 14), if you need help to explore this Zapier integration, please reply to your ticket to continue the conversation.

If using Zapier doesn’t fit you needs, there’s another third-party add-on for Pardot that you could try: Gravity Forms - Pardot Integration by obtaincode | CodeCanyon

Make sure to confirm with the author if it could fit your needs before a potential purchase.

If you need anything else from us regarding to Gravity Forms core or any of the add-ons developed by us, please don’t hesitate to open a new ticket or continue any of the existing ones by replying to our emails.

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