Connect Hubspot entry to deal pipeline

How do we create deals from GF submissions? We are successfully receiving form data in HubSpot, however, it’s not clear how we can indicated that a submission constitutes a deal… and a completed deal at that.

Hello @tofraser - our HubSpot Add-On currently supports Contacts only, not deals. We have an open feature request with the product team to expand the add-on to support deals and deal properties, and I will add your request there. If you have any other questions for us, please let us know. Thank you.

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@chrishajer thanks for the quick and clear response. I hope the product team takes it on!

I hope so too! Thanks for bringing it to the surface again.

The use of Gravity Flow’s outgoing webhook step should make this something you could setup without code via a workflow. See the webhook step setup instructions. The Create A Deal API Docs from Hubspot describe your scenario pretty closely that it can be used “when a contact submits a sales qualification form on your website, this endpoint creates a deal in HubSpot.” The following may help you in the initial test/setup phase if going that route:

  • Use the Raw Request format in outgoing webhook to be able to define the properties array structure the Deals API calls for.
  • Use the hapikey={key} query parameter in the URL step setting. You definitely could also setup oAuth authentication but doing so would cross from “no code” setup to a “low code” scenario. It would involve multiple webhook steps using conditional logic to check/store the valid token and expiration to an option plus a filter via gravityflow_webhook_args to populate the valid token to the outgoing request.