Confirmation Pop In Front of User? [RESOLVED]

There must be something I’m missing … is it possible to have a user submit a form and have the confirmation appear right in front of the user? If I do a simple text confirmation the user is put back at the top of the page and therefore won’t see the confirmation. There must be a way to do this… I can’t be the only person who has this problem… or am I? If so, why?

In the past I’ve punted by redirecting to a new page but that should be unnecessary.

Here’s an example

Hi Annamarie! Please enable AJAX on the shortcode, so the form basically stays in the viewport after submission. You can reinsert the form by whatever method you previously used, and be sure to use AJAX. Or you can add this to an existing shortcode:


OMG! Is that what the Ajax option is? Your documentation does NOT make that clear. This is what it says, “Enable AJAX
Checking this option will enable your form to be submitted via AJAX. Submitting the form via AJAX allows the form to be submitted without requiring a page refresh.” It says nothing about then the text confirmation appearing right there.

I love GF but I’ve spent hours trying to figure this out… Please update the documentation

Thank you

Thanks, I send that to the documentation team.

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