Page refresh after form is sent, unable to see success message [RESOLVED]

Hello everyone, thank you for being here and helping people in trouble. I have a form at the bottom of a page and another one in a bootstrap modal. When the form is being sent the page refresh and is back to the top of the page. The success message is displaying at the bottom of the page where was the form initially therefore the user has to scroll back to the bottom of the page to see the success message. With the form in the bootstrap modal, the problem is similar when it is sent the page refresh and the model closes, to see the success message the user has to click on the button to reopen the modal. How can I solve this for the user to see the success message?

You have two separate issues. For the confirmation at the bottom of the page, I recommend embedding the form with the AJAX option. This can be configured in the shortcode, or with a checkbox or setting if you are using a widget or the block.

For the modal closing after submission and not showing the confirmation, you normally have to embed the form with AJAX there as well. I’m not sure if bootstrap works in the same way, but embedding with AJAX will normally show validation errors and confirmation inside the modal, which then needs to be closed afterward.

Please let us know if that helps you make any progress.

Thank you @chrishajer adding ajax=“true” to the form did the trick :smiley:

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