Validation Question [RESOLVED]

We have a form on a web page that is below some other content and the form has validation enabled to make sure all required fields have been filled out.

When the validation fails the error and all the error documentation is displayed in the form as expected, but the web browser is sending the visitor up to the very top of the page and from there the error message is not visible causing people filling out the form to not realize there was a problem when they click submit.

Is there a way to have the web browser pop up to the top of the form rather than the top of the page so that the error message is visible?

Thank you

Roark, I would recommend you to enable ajax submission for the form, this enough most of the time to solve issues like the one you’re experiencing.

If you’re using the shortcode to embed the form, just add ajax=“true” to the shortcode parameters. If you’re using the Gutenberg block, check the block settings.

Adding ajax=“true” appears to have worked, thank you very much.

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