Confirmation pag and parsed fields

I try to parse form fields to the Confirmation page.
It is, to me, not clear enough how to do that.
I have setup: ``Beste Naam=:{Volledige naam:12}&Lidmaatschap={Soort lidmaatschap:5}&IBAN={IBAN-Banknummer:9}”
The Confirmation page show no passed values for the given fields.

Een kopie van de aanvraag wordt naar het opgegeven e-mailadres gestuurd.
Let op: Deze kan in de map “ongewenste mail” binnenkomen

Hi Ron. Please open a support ticket and include your form export.

Exporting your form:

Open a support ticket:

Thank you.

Also, looking quickly at what you posted, try changing the parameter name from “Beste Naam” to “bestenaam” with no spaces (in the form and the query string) and see if that works.

Hi Chris,
I just have send in a ticket, however I didn’t see a option to add an attachment file.
Can I do that by mail afterwards?

Yes, you can reply to our autoresponder with a file attachment. Thank you.




(Attachment gravityforms-export-2022-08-22.json is missing)

Hi Ron. Did you reply to your support ticket with the json file attached to it, or try to post it here?

Hi Chris, I did reply and attached the exported form. However I understand that I have to us a plug-in for what I want.
Thank you for the replies

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