Conditional Logic [RESOLVED]

The goal is that if “Urgent” is selected it triggers the appearance (ideally) of a button to click or otherwise simply an url to click on that will lead to a more appropriate page with a more detailed form (on the same site) and below the url a formatted line underneath that says, “Otherwise Continue”.

I thought the html field was the way to go but I’m doing something wrong if so as while it is triggered correctly, all the field names (and Otherwise Continue text) have become hyperlinks to the “appropriate page” url.

I tried the Section area for the Otherwise Continue and it remains a hotlink and none of the form continues below.

I’ve tried variations and now I’m sufficiently discomboulated that I could use a fresh perspective.

Thank you.

Can you share a link to the page on your site where we can see the form? Or do you otherwise have an example of how you need this to work?

Hi Chris,

I may have a link to post shortly. I’m not trying to be thick but I thought my description of how I need this to work was reasonably detailed and I’m not sure how a link would make it clearer. What is missing that would help further?


So for the “Urgent” choice would that be a checkbox maybe, that when checked just shows your button to go to another page? And if not checked what should they see after the unchecked checkbox? It’s sometimes easier with the actual form or pictures, in case we misinterpret the words. Thank you.

It’s just a drop down at the top of the form where they select Urgent or Regular. If urgent is selected then it would ideally trigger the appearance via link or button/link that would say something along the lines of “Would a Skype Consult Be A More Appropriate Option?” to another page with another more appropriate form and below that the words, “Otherwise Continue”

Based on that, your HTML is most likely incorrect. I am working for a demo for you right now.

Here’s the link

You can test a demo form I just created [SITE REMOVED]

Is that what you’re looking for?

Yes, I’m trying to download but the link provided does not lead to a downloaded file. I’ve tried right clicking as well. It leads to an url but . . .

Sorry about that. I fixed the link. This is the correct link:


I think I’ve replicated and the html section works but the Section does not. I may just be over tired and missing something but I think it’s correctly configured.

Can you please export the form you’re working with and send it as an email attachment to Thank you.

I sent the file you requested.

I received the file and imported the form. When I select Urgent I get the message about the Skype call. When I select Normal I see the section break and the rest of the form. That part appears to be working as you want it?

The only thing I see is that the submit button still shows when selecting Urgent. You can hide that with conditional logic on the Form Settings page. Just give it the same rule as the section break (Show only when Normal is selected.)

Was that not your experience with the form section?

Thank you for all your assistance Chris. All is well now, thanks to you!


Good deal. Thank you John.