Conditional Logic on Confirmations [RESOLVED]

I have conditional logic setup between 3 active versions of confirmation. Each one goes to a different thank you page. My question is, if a lead falls between the cracks somehow of all 3 versions of conditional logic, where is that user sent at the confirmation stage?

Thank you!

Every form has a default confirmation that will be used as a fallback if any of the conditional logic on additional confirmations you add is not met for a submission.

That makes sense - thanks for that. The confusion comes from the little “active” badges that show up when you create a new confirmation. I’m assuming that the default never has an “active” badge because it’s always active?

Yes, it is always active since it is the default. Every submission needs a confirmation to serve, in the case of no other confirmations having their logic met, the form needs the default confirmation to fall back on.

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That is correct. There is no toggle for the default confirmation. It will always be active and cannot be deactivated. If no conditional confirmations match, the default will be shown.

Perfect - thank you guys for the feedback.