Complex case to set up with gravity form

Hello, we have a rather complex case to set up with gravity form :
We want to make two drop-down lists. One with the country of domicile (list of countries and Switzerland defined by default) and another drop-down list with 2 types of investors: accredited investor (default) and individual investor…
Underneath, we wanted to put a disclaimer and then an “Accept and confirm selection” button.
If the user selects the right option (Swiss investor and accredited investor => the two pre-selected items in the list) and clicks on “accept and confirm selection”, he’ll have access to the page we want (he’ll be redirected to this page).
Any other selection combination will redirect him to another page.

How do I set up this type of condition with gravity form?


Just to confirm if I understand correctly. If not, feel free to correct me.

You want to have two drop-down select fields, the first to select the country and the second to choose the type of investor.

The country must be pre-selected to Switzerland, and the ‘Type of Investor’ pre-selected to Accredited Investor.

Then, if both pre-selected options remain as the user’s choices, the user should be redirected to a specific page. Let’s call this page ‘Pre-selected Page’.

If the user chooses a different value for either of the drop-down select fields, then they should be redirected to another page. Let’s call this other page ‘Secondary page’.

When should this redirection happen? After the form submission?

Do you need to use any form details on either of the pages, be it the ‘Pre-selected Page’ or the ‘Secondary Page’?

HI Juan, thanks for your answer.

Yes it’s nearly like this.
The pre-selection should be the right one, but the best thing would be simply to identifiy the good value in both fields (independently if they are pre-selected or not). In that case Switzerland and Accredited Investor.

This form will be inside a popup made with popupmaker plugin

Once visitor click on submit there are 2 possibilities :

  1. the 2 fields have the right selection and simply the visitor remain on the same page but the popup should close and reveal the content

  2. if one of the 2 fields is not the good one (or both), visitor should be redirected to the “Secondary page”.

Hope like this is more clear and hope you can help us to achieve that


If visitors choose the correct selection in both drop-down fields (the right selection should be (maybe) the default one) once they click


The described can be done with the Gravity Forms core plugin.

Please consider that revealing the content on the same page is not possible by default and would require custom code.

Yet, an alternative you can implement is using a text confirmation. The confirmation will be displayed in the same modal, and you can use merge tags to retrieve and display any entry content if required.

In the steps below, I show you how to make the confirmation redirect, taking the ‘Secondary Page’ case as an example.

To answer your first question about pre-selected values, in the dropdown field choices, you can use the check button at the left of the choices, like in the screenshot below:


To create a redirect based on the specific choices of two dropdown fields, you can use a conditional logic confirmation.


Please edit the specific form and navigate to Settings > Confirmations.


You should see a default confirmation on the list.

Please click Add New.

In the confirmation settings, please run through this list:

  • Set a name for the confirmation.
  • Select Page in the confirmation type.
  • Choose the page you want to redirect to on the dropdown below.
    Scroll down to conditional logic.
  • IMPORTANT: Select Any. This will make the condition an OR evaluation. This means ‘Confirmation 2’ will run when the form is submitted and either of the conditions is true.
  • Below, select the conditions you want to evaluate. As this is the secondary page condition, set the values as Country is not Switzerland and Type of Investor is Individual Investor.

The process is very similar if you want to use the text confirmation for your other use case where the Country would be Switzerland and the Type of Investor would be Accredited Investor.

Now, over to you.

Thank you for your reply. I’ve managed to set up email confirmation, but there’s something missing.
When the condition is true, the redirection goes through.
But I also want another redirection when the condition is false.

So in total two redirections or in the Gravity documentation I saw this “If a form submission would trigger multiple active conditional confirmations, then only the first one will be executed”.

How do I do this? I want to set up two confirmation conditions


You can create two separate confirmations with their respective different conditions.

Taking the same explanation in my previous response, you can have Confirmation A and Confirmation B.

Confirmation B is the one I explained for the “Secondary Page” use case when the user chooses a different country than Switzerland or ‘Individual Investor’ as the type of investor.

You mention Confirmation A as ‘correct’ when the user selects Switzerland as Country and Accredited Investor as the investor type.

To build this condition, first, you must set to ALL the “Use this confirmation if X of the following match.”

Then, set the Country is Switzerland and the Type of Investor is Accredited Investor.

That way, one confirmation will return true when the other returns false.

Thank. It’s good