Communications between members

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Not sure if its actually “members” ( as i dont have membership site ) or even if i should call it a membership site though this is my goal

I am trying to create a user based messaging system where suppliers can communicate with Hosts ( end users or subscribers ) so the have to be logged in

The site uses woocommerce and its my account setup
The suppliers are “customers” & the Hosts are “subscribers” in wordpress
I want to create a tab for communications between both parties
The Host will submit an enquiry via the Supplier page, which is visable in the supplier account. Than they can respond
For suppliers: In "communications"tab will be where the suppliers see existing messages and can respond with a messaging tracking
For end users ( subscribers) they will receive responses and can reply to messages

Kind of like a ticketing system companies use for support. but this is between different user roles in wordpress

So my question is, can we use GF for internal communication page that receives and sends or is it another platform?
Keeping in mind i want it onsite if possible


Hi @HireaChef101,

Did you have a look at GravityView? They have options to filter on user role: Filtering by user role. And I think that in combination with the Members plugin, you have everything you need: Filtering entries by WordPress User Roles.

Hi @erikvanbeek

Yes i did and this is good for display, though doesnt have the functionality to repsond like a messenger system does

Is it a members plugin i require to have this communications?

I agree gravity view isn’t designed for this. Gravity forms has some custom functions but it’s hackish and still really isn’t designed for this. You may need to add a full out messaging system to your site.

There’s always a way but trying to accomplish this with gravity forms would be time consuming.

How about something like BuddyPress?