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Greetings. Gravity Forms is a top tier WordPress form tool. MailPoet is a top tier newsletter platform. Plugin: Add-on Gravity Forms - MailPoet 3 from TikWeb is a free connector plugin bridging Gravity Forms to Mailpoet. It is free, unlike other solutions that cost $100’s per year.

This plug with thousands of users is promoted on both the Gravity Form and MailPoet websites - but it is not working - it needs an update.

The developer has been asking Gravity Forms for a developer license for over 6 months.

PLEASE SUPPORT THIS DEVELOPER - please provide him a license. He is serving the GF community with a FREE plugin and GF needs the MP connector.

Thank you



Totally agree on what Dean Suhr is saying/asking.

I really don’t understand why Gravity Forms doesn’t support this developer so that he can continue to offer his free plugin. A plugin that can only bring Gravity Forms, extra enthusiastic customers. I would gladly pay for it, if it was maintained.

To be honest, I am a thinking about moving away from Gravity Forms to Formidable Forms, just because they do have a working add-on to add Mailpoet subscribers to their form. I have several clients asking for this, and I just can not provide it, if I keep using Gravity Forms.

Apart from this, I love Gravity Forms, so sad…

YES - thank you for pointing this out. I submitted a feature request last month that they bring the TikWeb add-on in house, because I don’t see why it’s not already in GF default add-ons. With Mailpoet integrating with WooCommerce, I only see their market share growing. I use both of these on most every site and the inability to simply connect them is shocking, to be honest.

See the developer’s comment at the very end of this thread: Is this plugin still working? |

@gravityforms … Just checking in to see if you might have had a change of heart on supporting this develper? (And to keep this thread open and alive!)

Hello Dean.

We reached out to the plugin development firm and provided them a Gravity Forms license for them to work on their abandoned plugin, but they responded saying that developing the plugin was a side project that they are no longer pursuing.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, and I hope something else pops up to fill this space for you!

Thank you Justin and Gravity Forms! :+1:

We’ll gently encourage the developer to resume their work.


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