Checkbox "ghosting"

WP 6.1.1
Gravity Forms: 2.7.2
Theme: InForward

When I use a multiple checkbox field, I get “ghosting” on all the checkboxes. By that I mean I see two checkboxes horizontally next to eachother, but only the right one can be clicked on. I can write CSS to remove each duplicate checkbox, but that is tedious to do on many forms. What could be the problem?

Can you share a link to the page on your site where we can see the form? Thank you.

Thanks for the quick reply. The page is not accessible at this time but below is the HTML code behind it.

Here’s what I have to do to suppress the showing of the first checkbox:
Appearance/Customize/Additional CSS
/*** Special css to remove border from ghost checkbox on gravity forms***/
#choice_5_6_1, #choice_5_6_2, #choice_5_6_3, #choice_5_6_4, #choice_5_6_5 {
border: none;

Code from section:

Areas of Interest
<div class="gchoice gchoice_5_6_1">
	<input class="gfield-choice-input" name="input_6.1" type="checkbox" value="Farmers Market" id="choice_5_6_1">
	<label for="choice_5_6_1" id="label_5_6_1" class="gform-field-label gform-field-label--type-inline">Farmers Market</label>
<div class="gchoice gchoice_5_6_2">
	<input class="gfield-choice-input" name="input_6.2" type="checkbox" value="Festivals/Parades" id="choice_5_6_2">
	<label for="choice_5_6_2" id="label_5_6_2" class="gform-field-label gform-field-label--type-inline">Festivals/Parades</label>
<div class="gchoice gchoice_5_6_3">
	<input class="gfield-choice-input" name="input_6.3" type="checkbox" value="Campaign Support" id="choice_5_6_3">
	<label for="choice_5_6_3" id="label_5_6_3" class="gform-field-label gform-field-label--type-inline">Campaign Support</label>
<div class="gchoice gchoice_5_6_4">
	<input class="gfield-choice-input" name="input_6.4" type="checkbox" value="Elections Support" id="choice_5_6_4">
	<label for="choice_5_6_4" id="label_5_6_4" class="gform-field-label gform-field-label--type-inline">Elections Support</label>
<div class="gchoice gchoice_5_6_5">
	<input class="gfield-choice-input" name="input_6.5" type="checkbox" value="Office Support" id="choice_5_6_5">
	<label for="choice_5_6_5" id="label_5_6_5" class="gform-field-label gform-field-label--type-inline">Office Support</label>

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