Checkbox for printable form

I have setup a form with a checkbox that will need to be ticked on the printed version of our form rather than the digital version. The purpose of the checkbox is to be hand ticked by a customer to show they consent to the terms agreed in the form at the time of signing the form. We are not using a digital signature.

My question is - is it possible to set a checkbox up so I can see the checkbox on the printed form available to be ticked? At the moment it automatically prints with ‘X Consent not given’? See attached image.

Thank you!!

Gravity Forms doesn’t provide any specific feature to print forms, so it’s really up to the browser used how to print the form.

That said, I tried Firefox’s Print option in a form Preview window, using “Microsoft Print to PDF” as destination, and it’s giving a different result compared to your screenshot, I tried a Checkboxes field and a Consent field:

Checkboxes field: Screenshot 3JqkfBNzBI.png - Droplr

Consent field: Screenshot uZkBtiHVc2.png - Droplr

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