Check box once clicked opens section they can fill out [RESOLVED]

I`am trying to have a check box on my form that if clicked a hidden section opens up where they can add there details, name, email, dob, email etc

Can this be done, I have seen this on other forms,

On the section, visit the Advanced tab and enable conditional logic. You can set the whole section to show if that specific checkbox is checked.

Thank for your reply, I`am new to these forms, but can not see how to add the details i need.

Not even sure how to start, been looking for a step by step guide but all i can find is a choice of 3 but all i want is if someone clicks yes then an address section comes up where they fill in there details, if I could see some examples then maybe i can get this done.

Here’s the basic introduction to how conditional logic can be enabled on a form field (and other elements w/in Gravity Forms). This should be a good starting point to familiarize yourself. I think it should have some good step-by-steps.

Thank you I will check it out.

That did not help, will contact support to see if they can help, failing that I will have to try maybe try an online form maker, just do not know why its so hard to find a away to do this form.

This is what I need.

In the image its has a no and yes, the no is default but if they click yes then they can add there details as shown in the image.

Got it figured but it does not work.

I created a radio button with yes or no

In the the advanced setup in the admin field i put ID 1

then i created my form and in the advanced i clicked the hidden then clicked the Enable Conditional Logic and in the field i put the ID 1 then yes on the end saved it and added form to site but when the yes was clicked the section i wanted to show never did.

Any suggestion?

The setup shown here should be what you need to accomplish a conditional section. Step-by-step for setting this up shown below.

  1. Add, name, and set options for Field ID 1 (dropdown, radio, checkbox, etc.).
  2. Add & name Field ID 2 (section).
  3. On Advanced Tab, click Enable Conditional Logic.
  4. Set condition Show if All: Does the testator… is Yes.

With this setup, the section Second Executor Details and any fields w/in that section will only show when Field ID 1 has value of Yes.

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Thank you Joshua that worked, The problem I had was I had the visibility set to hidden, but once i made it visible, as in your image, the details then showed when yes was clicked.