Changing 'author' on a GF-submitted post


We’re trying to figure out how an admin can change the user who has submitted a post, ideally via a dropdown which is dynamically populated with users (custom field) who have been assigned to a specific company (post type)

We’ve created a system where user can submit their event details and then the client can add further details and all user projects are displayed in a private client portal for them to view with this added information.

This is the broad workflow:

  • user registers
    • users added to the website using User Registration add-on
    • users are assigned to a company using a company_name (user custom field) dropdown
      • Companies are added through company post type
      • Company dropdown entries are displayed by filter by post type option on custom field
      • User dashboard is restricted using the Company post type permalink and matching it with the company_name custom field from users.
  • user submits an event
    • post and gf entries are created
    • post entry is added through Post Creation add-on
    • Event Post Details
      • Post type is added using CPT UI
      • Custom Fields added yung Custom Fields plugin
      • Post and Gf entries are linked through gv_entry and submitted_by custom fields
      • Events are displayed per user by querying through the events post type and matching the submitted_by custom field with logged-in userid
      • Single events information is displayed by using the gv_entry id
        • Information from the GF View and GFAPI queries.
      • Document field update is done through GView entry link.

Which creates a client project overview page something like this:

It is the ‘SUBMITTED BY’ name we are looking to change on an ad hoc basis.

I’ve tried to explain as best I can - thank you for any suggestions,


Regarding posts (or custom posts) created using Gravity Forms (or the APC add-on), once the post is created Gravity Forms jobs end. Editing created posts is not a feature of Gravity Forms. Also editing fields in the entry details page will not have any effect in the posts, only the entry will be updated.

So if you want to edit the author for a post created, you would need to do so from the WordPress side of things (e.g. going to the WordPress posts lists page or the editor).

I don’t know if GravityView has a way to update posts when you edit the entry using their add-on. You will want to reach GravityView support about it.

Gravity Flow integrates with the APC add-on, providing an “Update Post” step, that could help: Using Gravity Forms Advanced Post Creation add-on in a workflow - Gravity Flow


I asked Gravity View this exact question a few months ago and the answer was no. The work-around I’ve used is to write PHP code to create and if necessary update the post, but this is definitely not a simple solution. PHP can also be used to re-assign the ownership of the form entry or post but again this is not a simple solution.

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