Chained Selects potential bug

When the Chained Selects add-on is updating the drop-down boxes, it displays a spinner. At least on my website, it appears as though the source GIF for the spinner is missing. The img tag that appears when the drop-down box is loading points to, which isn’t found, so it displays the ugly resource missing image and shifts the drop-down box up, which isn’t a good look. I’m working on approval to implement some CSS hacks to work around it, but I figured I’d report the issue here as well.

Gravity Forms version: 2.6.2
Chained Selects version: 1.5
WordPress version: 5.9.3
PHP version: 7.4.28

Hi Andrew. This is a known issue. I recommend opening a support ticket for this issue so that we can add your details to the issue and you can be notified when a fix is made available:

Thank you.

That would have been my first instinct, but we’re using the license provided by our website designer, and I don’t have access to the account that owns the license. I just wanted to provide the details of the bug in case it hadn’t already been reported.

Thank you.