Updating Chained Selects Add on [RESOLVED]

I’ve been dealing with some minor bugs in the chained select add on, when I realized the version I have is outdated, and it looks like the newer updates have fixed that bug. My issue is that I am not able to update the plugin within word press. It seems the only solution is to remove the outdated version from my site, download the newer version, and upload it manually to my site.

I’m wondering if updating manually will cause any problems with current forms that use chained selects, and if any data from those forms will be wiped. Just want to be sure I know what I’m getting into before I do that. Alternatively, is there anyway I can update the plugin via my site, like I can do with other plugins?

You can replace the plugin files via FTP - that will not affect any of your data.

First, make a database backup, and it never hurts to have a file backup as well. Then, download the latest version of the Chained Selects add-on, and unzip that on your desktop.

Then, using an FTP (or SFTP or SSH) client, remove the wp-content**/gravityformschainedselects** folder, and upload the folder from your desktop to the same location. Then log in to the WordPress admin dashboard, and see if the new version is reflected and if your issues have been resolved.

Thank you! This worked perfectly.

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Thanks for the update!