Cannot access field settings

I keep clicking on the settings icon for each field and cannot access the settings. In the right column if I click on settings the message is that no field is selected. But I have selected a field and I’m not able to access settings. I keep recreating a form to try to complete all the fields but I always get to a certain point and then GF will not allow me to edit any field settings. It’s like I can click all over the place and nothing happens. Here’s the form I’m trying to work on. I need to add two more fields to this form that’s supposed to be sent out for an event tomorrow… Survey | NISPA

I have this same issue.

I have the same issue. The only thing I can see in field settings is the tooltip add on field.

For anyone experiencing an issue here, I recommend first updating to Gravity Forms 2.5.3, which was just made available for automatic update. If that does not work, please open a support ticket so the issue can be addressed:

Thank you.