Cannot access Field Settings in GF 2.5.9

I keep clicking on the Field Settings tab for each field and cannot access the settings. I can’t edit any field settings. It’s like I can click all over the place and nothing happens.

I’m working with GF 2.5.9 and Wordpress 5.7.2

Have you tried clearing your browser cache and the caches for any caching/script optimization plugins or services the site could be using?

Dear Richard,

Thanks for your help! We’ve cleared the caching, but that’s not it. My other colleagues have the same problem at other computers and locations.

We didn’t install new plugins for a while and I don’t know how to discover if there is another plugin causing the problem… Gravity forms has been updated automatically, so I’m afraid it’s a bug with Wordpress 5.7.2 and the newest GF release…? Do you think that’s the problem?

Is the theme or another plugin wrapping the form scripts in DOMContentLoaded event listners using an approach like this: Make Gravity Forms' JavaScript load in the footer

That code isn’t compatible with Gravity Forms 2.5+; the scripts are already deferred and wrapped in custom event listeners so any custom code used to implement the DOMContentLoaded change needs to be removed.

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