Can multiple forms be filled out onsite and then submitted as one entry?

using gravity to configure a series of complex products to be submitted as “quote” for my client to address. He want to see if the product configurations can be submitted together - so that a end user would select each of the product, configure them as they want them to be quoted and then submit the entire set of products as one “job quote”.

Any ideas on how to address this?


Not something you can do out of the box, but maybe the following third-party add-on could help: Gravity Forms Easy Passthrough | Gravity Perks by Gravity Wiz

When you say that the entire set of products as one “job quote”. Does that requirement mean that all product configurations have to be a part of the same entry?

If not, both Gravity Perks Nested Forms and Gravity Flow’s Form Connector would give you ways to define each product configuration as its’ own entry with the main quote entry coordinating things.

If it must be all in one, you’d probably want to look at the Repeater Field (beta) from Forms directly.

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