Calculate remaining days of the year

Hello, I want to know if this is possible.

A user enters a service start date in the current year, and the service end date next year.

I need to calculate first the days of the current year, and then the days of the next year, since the price is per day and this year has a price, and it will change for the next year.

Is this possible with Date Time Calculator?

The use case described can’t be done using Gravity Forms out of the box. I don’t know if using the Gravity Wiz’s GP Date Time Calculator perk could be an option in this case, I would recommend you to reach Gravity Wiz staff about it: Have a question about Gravity Perks? - Gravity Wiz

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Hi Juan, Dave from Gravity Wiz here, one question for you. I understand the the user selects their own start date. Do they also select their end date? or is the end date always a set time period from the start date (e.g. a year)?

Yes, the user selects the start date and end date.

I was able to solve it with the help of Date Time Calculator.

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Epic! Sorry for the slow reply. Had a busy one yesterday. :sweat_smile:

Glad you were able to figure out the solution. :man_mage:

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