Calculate current date in gravity forms

Hello there,

Let’s say today is June 1, 2022. I wanted to calculate by adding 2 on the day, It would give something like this, June 3, 2022.

I already know how to calculate age with GP date time calculator, and I’ve already gotten a look at this resource:" Gravity Forms Date Time Calculator | Gravity Perks by Gravity Wiz " but I’m still stuck. Any help would be welcome, please on how to calculate the current date by adding 2.

Are you using the Gravity Wiz Perk? If so, have you contacted Gravity Wiz for assistance?

If you’re not using that, you will need to perform the calculations on your own. Please let us know if you are using the Gravity Wiz Perk. Thank you.

Hello @chrishajer Yes, I’m using Gravity Perks, I’ve left a comment under a post about date time calculation but they haven’t answered yet

Hi Pedro. I recommend contacting them for assistance using the Perk. You have the best possible solution already but need some assistance configuring it. Gravity Wiz support can help with that. Thank you.

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