GravityForms calculations can be used to calculate deadlines?


I am thinking of buying this plugin but would like to know if it can be used to calculate legal deadlines.

That is, if a form can be made to show as a result the number of days that exist between a date selected by the user and a preloaded deadline, not counting weekends, holidays and special days, in addition to being able to make exclusions from days.

Thank you

To calculate the number of work days (not weekends, holidays, special days) will require some customization. There is a ready-made solution for this from Gravity Wiz:

However, that can only account for weekends or weekdays, not holidays or special days. That software may not work for you, or maybe there are filters that allow you to add other days to be excluded from the count.

Without a plugin such as that one, you will need to write your own code to perform the number of days between the two dates, excluding all your exceptions. Thank you.