Bypassing payment and generating invoice instead based on total amount


I have not done this yet, but I’m researching the best method to allow a user to pay online up to a certain amount; but after that, their only option to pay would be by invoice. The invoice would be generated by gravity PDF. Ideas?

Thanks in advance!

I’ve done something similar to this before. My approach was to use the plugin GP Copy Cat by Gravity Wiz to copy the Total field into a hidden Number field that could then be used in conditional logic. You’d want to use greater than or less than logic to:

  1. show/hide any card field
  2. run the payment feed
  3. generate the PDF
  4. present proper confirmation
  5. send proper notification
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This sounds like an excellent case where Gravity Flow and the support for the Paypal and Stripe add-ons would fit. The same conditional logic approach for field display (visible/hidden/administrative) can be used to set steps as conditional within the workflow. For the online route, all of the details Joshua provided in great detail would apply.

For the manual/invoice route you could create a user input step that assigns to your finance staff that they can note invoice #, date received, etc. The PDF notifications for each flow could be same or different template that send through a separate step in the common workflow.


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