Autocomplete text field from JSON API


I’m looking for an addon that will allow users to enter text in a field and have it display autocomplete options from a JSON API. I have found one from Gravity Extra that seems to do the job.

  • Does anyone know of any other addon that does this.
  • If you have used an addon from Gravity Extra and would recommend them.

Gravity Forms Advanced Autocomplete Field - Gravity Extra

Hey @hodel,

Did you check Gravity Perks?

Also, from our experience, using a third-party plugin has its risks. Does Gravity Extra offer a money-back guarantee? We checked their website. Found none. We stay away from products (e.g., premium plugins) that do not offer a money-back guarantee.


They have Advanced Select, which will do the search/filtering and Populate Anything to pull from the WP database. I could work with that, but the pricing model is a big turn off.

Thanks for the suggestion though.

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@Ray: Can you say more about your objection to pricing of “Advance Select”? Just curious, as $59/year seems not too much more than your $39, and the additional “trusted dev” factor seems worth $20 to me… And both are way cheaper than a custom dev project…

Hi Bet,

Sure. The $39 for Gravity Extra is a one time fee, with free updates. It would really be $79 for the 5 site plan for the reasons mentioned below. Only need to pay yearly if you want/need support.

We have about 15 websites we support for our department. We run a production, testing and local development environments. Now, not all the websites would need to use this addon, but for one site we would have get at least the $150 plan. (2 perks and 3 sites). Any more than that and we are up to the $299 plan, which would be more than what we pay for Gravity Forms–for a single feature.

And then, the two addons fall a little short for our needs–like not being able to make an API call to populate data.

From what I have seen, Gravity Wiz has some nice addons. But being a unit in a public university means we don’t get approval to buy everything we want, so we have to be selective and try to fill the gaps by developing our own.

I was able to write a plugin over the weekend to extend the dropdown box, so it is populated using Selectize and an AJAX call. I prefer to now have to write my own, but it sometimes takes longer to get approval for things than it does to create something. So, at this point it isn’t really necessary.

I hope that explains my reasoning for my statement.

Ah. Yes, multiple sites and being able to do your own custom dev definitely changes the situation. Thanks for sharing! I hope it will be helpful for others who are having to make these sorts of decisions. Good luck with your project!

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