Auto create a page with variable content?

Hi there,

I ask myself if this can be done with gravity:

I want to create a team page. The user is able to fill out a form and we get the page done in the background. This should work with the “Advanced Post Creation” plugin.

But if we do not know, if the user has 1, 2, or more team members - can we do this dynamically?

  • Can we add a member with gravity (front end) and ask: “More members?” and if checked the next fields will appear (with name, etc.)? And so on and so on?
  • Possible to add an image for each?

To create the Page I think we have to use “post” in “Advanced Post Creation” with a special tag (e.g. “member”) for each member entry. So we can create as many as we want and a page can than show all posts with the tag “member”.

Possible to do this?
I hope this makes sense :slight_smile:

Thank you,