Advanced Post Creation, two questions

Hello, so I am using the Advanced Post Creation add-on to create pending posts on my blog via the form. I have two questions.

Question One
One of the fields used in the form is a list field. The functionality within the form is great but is there any way I can customize how the entry from the form is added to the post?

It currently makes it an actual list in the post with <ul> and <li> tags, but I’d rather it just post it without those html tags. I don’t want to use a single line text field for that portion because there’s no way for me to force them to list the inputs into the field correctly.

They need to input several names for STARs, an aviation navigation term for a procedure.

Example of what it should look like:

Example of what it’s adding to the post:

  • BOJID2
  • BUNTS2
  • JIIMS3
  • PAATS3
  • SLATT4
  • SPUDS4
  • VCN9

Question Two

It keeps adding </br> tags for each space. My blog doesn’t need those tags in the post editor to enable the use of spaces. Is there any way for me to have it stop adding those tags because it makes it extremely hard to read the text editor in Wordpress.


I recommend opening a support ticket for these questions: they’re more complex than we can handle in the community forums:

Ok, I shall do that. Thanks!

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