Arrow cursor not changing to hand on mouseover over submit button [RESOLVED]

On my new suit website for a client none of the Gravity forms show the arrow cursor changing to hand on mouseover over submit button.

The form does still submit.

Any ideas? Thanks.

What is the URL of the page on the site where we can see your form?

Hi. Thanks for replying.

The URL is


Which page is the form on? I didn’t see one on the home page, unless I missed it. Which link should I follow to see the form you’re asking about?

The forms are here:


You can add this CSS to your theme stylesheet or the Appearance Customizer (Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS):

body .gform_footer .gform_button {
  cursor: pointer!important;  
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Dear Chris,

Thanks. That does it. Strange, I have never had that issue before.


It looks like there is some conflicting CSS coming from your theme or a plugin, but I’m glad that resolved it for you.