Styling the Submit Button [RESOLVED]

Hello All,

I hope someone can point me to the solution for my Issue. I just started with Gravity Forms and I’m happy so far.

I created a contact Form (KONTAKT - NOVA Weddings | Britta Pohl) but I had some Problems styling the Submit Button. It has a Default blue color. All the tips and css snippets were not working on my site somehow.

I work with the Avada Theme. Somehow I managed it to style the Submit Button as desired by using this code:

/* Submit Button Gravity Forms Kontakt*/
.gform-theme.gform-theme–framework.gform_wrapper input[type=submit].button.gform_button:where(:not(.gform-theme-no-framework):not(.gform-theme__disable):not(.gform-theme__disable *):not(.gform-theme__disable-framework):not(.gform-theme__disable-framework *)) {
background-color: #E4DAD4;

I also use Gravity Forms for the YITH Request a Quote Plugin, so I created a second Form that is used by the YITH.

But somehow the Submit Button in this second Form is again in the Default State (blue, small etc.)

I just would like to style it in the same way as the Submit Button in the Contact Form.

I already checked the Documentation and a lot of posts to find a solution by nothing worked out. I really appreciate any help for this issue.


Thanks to this Post Css not working on submit button - Get Help - Gravity Forms I was able to manage this.