Hyperlink and submit buttons not visible?

On this site: Forms – Superior Accounting Group

If any form is chosen,
* the hyperlink will not display unless there is a mouse over the link and,
* the submit button no long shows although it is there it is not visible.

This has worked fine in past years. It appears to have happened with the 2.5.16 update(??)

Has anyone got an idea to get around this problem?


Hello. It looks like the Gravity Forms styles are being loaded properly, but a stylesheet coming from your theme or another plugin is overriding the styles. I added some styles to the page and was able to make the hyperlink visible, and see the submit button. Here are the rules I added:

body .gform_wrapper .entry-content a:not(.button) {
  color: black;
input.gform_button {
  color: white;
  background-color: black;
input.gform_button:hover {
  color: black;
  border: 1px solid black;

When I applied that to your form it looked like this: firefox Oj06DkpJme.mp4 - Droplr

Feel free to use different rules, but those are the selectors to be targeted. You can add this CSS to your theme (or child theme) stylesheet or via the Appearance Customizer (Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS). If you have any other questions, please let us know.

p.s. I was testing this page: Tax Data Collection Form - Investors – Superior Accounting Group

Thanks so much. I’ll try this later tonight or first thing in the morning.


Hi Chris.

The forms seem to work with the exception of the Fact Finding Form.

In addition:

Two things:

  1. Tried to add the code through the Appearance Customizer however, when I try to publish it, I get the error message “Looks like something’s gone wrong. Wait a couple seconds, and then try again.”. Regardless of how long I wait, the message stills shows.

  2. The hyperlink ‘here’, is still hidden unless there is a mouse over. -

Please upload files here then SUBMIT this form.

I’d really appreciate some direction on correcting these errors. I’m a DB programmer and this problem was hand balled to me.



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