Anyone seen people enter a street address in a message field? [RESOLVED]

In the footer of this site: you’ll see we’re using placeholders on the gravity form instead of actual labels. This is to match the design of the site’s designer (not my choice), and I’m aware of the accessibility repercussions.

We’ve had a number of people fill out this form and they get name, email, and phone correct. But then they put the 1st line of their street address (eg. 1235 Shadow Lane) into the message field and submit it that way.

The fact that like 5 people have done it, is what’s so curious. If only one had, we’d assume they didn’t looked at the placeholder or had accessibility settings that made it unclear what went in that field. But the fact that 5 have all done it the same way, makes us wonder if there’s something else at play here…?

I checked and that field’s name and admin name are both “Message” so it’s not like it could be showing some other label under some circumstances. Has anyone else seen this? Any ideas what might be going on?

It sounds like they may be using a form filler like Roboform (or even the browser’s built-in one) and when they click to enter their info it’s entering the street address in the message field along with their name and other info. And they’re not paying attention or don’t care. Though I would think that unless there’s a field label or name like “street”, “address” or something similar it shouldn’t do this. But since you have a number of them this makes the most sense.

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Yup. I just tried this in Chrome, selecting my name from auto-fill in the first field, all fields were filled and my address was added in the Message field.

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I just tried it using Roboform. All fields were filled and my telephone number went into the message field…?!

Thank you both! That makes sense. Hadn’t thought about that.

Thanks for testing Chrome @hiranthi. I don’t use it for auto-fill (use 1Password), so I probably wouldn’t have ever thought to try that.

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