AddOn for ClickUp

Just like your Trello addon, it would be great to have one for ClickUp, which is much better project management tool then Trello. I tried to use Zapier as a way to connect, but because my forms are complicated and have lots of fields, it just becomes a mess. Your Trello addon works perfect and I would love to see one similar for ClickUp


Thank you for the suggestion. This is the first request for a ClickUp add-on, so I will make a note of it as a feature request. Thank you.

I’d love direct ClickUp integration too. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I added a vote for the integration for you Robey.

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Add my vote too please :smiley:

Consider it done.

Yes, please add my vote too :slight_smile:

Please add my vote for Clickup integration. Would be a HUGE help. :slight_smile:

Hi @jasonatri - I recommend adding your comments and the importance of the add-on to you, at our public roadmap:"

Hi Chris. I’ve submitted my comments to the link provided. I appreciate your guidance and please let me know if I should do anything else to help the chances of this feature being added to Gravity Forms.

Thanks Jason. At this point, that’s all you can do: express your interest in the feature. As more people express their interest, the feature will gain more attention and traction.

Yes please! The ability to take form data and port it into ClickUp to create tasks would be amazing!

For anyone whose forms are as complex as those that Vicky was using, Zapier has zaps available for integrating ClickUp and Gravity Forms:

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