Add Ons - Paypal and Stripe

Cannot Remove Payment Fields

“Your form currently has an option field without a product field. You must add a product field to your form.”

“Your form currently has an product field without an option field. You must add an option field to your form.”

I am getting one of these two errors. I delete BOTH product and option, and there is NOTHING THERE, yet I still get this error. Note that I am trying to delete this new stuff and get back to my old form and payment process because I’ve spent the entire day unsuccessfully trying to get Gravity Forms + Stripe/PayPal to work. I just need my form and old payment to work, but I cannot get rid of these add on paypal and stripe payment fields stuff.

Adding, now I have deleted all plugins related to the payment add ons and I am still getting this error. Cannot remove the fields, and it’s leaving a mess on my form.

Update - I was able to hide on of the fields and then suddenly the other was able to be deleted. SO my form looks ok to the public now, but something is “still there” on the back end and it’s showing up on my entries.

Can someone give me some advice? I need to get my form back up asap. Losing a lot from this. Thank you.