Add new form Gravity Form Infusionsoft plugin stalls

Using Infusionsoft plugin and when I go to Forms/Infusionsoft to add new form, I select a form and the wheel simply spins and locks.

Have waited for 5 minutes with no movement. I have used it successfully many times. This is new.

I just updated all plugins and purged all caches.

Plugin is by Gravity Forms Infusionsoft Add-On Version 1.5.12 By Katz Web Services, Inc. Visit plugin site

That third-party add-on is not being updated by its author since 6 years ago : Infusionsoft Gravity Forms Add-on – WordPress plugin |
So seeing that is not compatible with latest Gravity Forms is not a surprise.

There’s a newer add-on that maybe could help: WP Gravity Forms Infusionsoft – WordPress plugin |

Brandon, you could also do this with our Zapier Add-On if you have a Pro or Elite or Developer license. Here is a zap that can do it:

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