What duplicate checking functionality can this plugin give?


I was wondering what duplicate checking capabilites this plugin provides from our database within Keap Max Classic.

I understand that you have outlined a way to check for duplicate contacts on the following criteria:

Company, Name, Email
Name, Email

I was wondering if it would be possible to check for duplicate contacts on other criteria, such as just first and last name, or a stored IP address.

Here is the specific query that was given to me:

When they fill out the form (I am assuming there would be some parameters we choose like first and last name, maybe there’s an IP address, etc. that part is yours to explore) if it sees a similar record in Infusionsoft (again, this based on settings WE choose, the form reaches data via API) it would say:
It appears you may have already registered. If you have, we invite you to do a second trial using your existing account.

I know I’ve used websites that know who I am without me being logged in.
The purpose is to see if this plugin could work, or if Gravity can otherwise be customized to do this. (The plugin is already built in Gravity, from what I understand this is its purpose already). But being that it’s already built in gravity its customizable – or we could build our own form. Gravity should work other items in the workflow, that’s what it’s created for.

Typically to avoid sharing personal data items like this would work something like this… (these are just examples)

Maria Colomy, is this you? mcolomy@*****.com
Maria Colomy, is this you? --9026?
Maria Colomy, is this you? ***Address, Las Vegas, NV?

Would this plugin make this possible? Some more background information is that we currently use Memberium.

Thank you in advance!

Hi Max. Gravity Forms does not have any integration with Keap, and there is no two way communication between Keap and Gravity Forms, so Gravity Forms would not be able to present information like this for suspected duplicates:

Maria Colomy, is this you? mcolomy@*****.com
Maria Colomy, is this you? --9026?
Maria Colomy, is this you? ***Address, Las Vegas, NV?

What makes you believe it’s possible to integrate Keap with Gravity Forms? If there is a source online, I’m happy to review to see what method is being used. Thank you.

I have no source. I was told by a colleague that it may be possible, so I am checking in to see if that is the case.

I did inquire with the creator of a gravity forms for Infusionsoft plugin and our chain can be found here:

Seems like it may be possible?

Do you know much about Gravity Flow?

Thanks for your help!


What would you like to know?

From reading this thread, and your linked support question on wp.org, it sounds like your use case is related to user creation with some data validation against the 3rd party systems InfusionSoft/Kaep/etc? Assuming that/those systems have strong Rest APIs the Gravity Flow outgoing webhook will allow you no/low code integration including mapping values from the response into fields of your form. As it supports all of the Gravity Forms add-ons including User Registration as a step that could follow conditional branching logic.

You can try many of the step types and front-end experiences at https://demo.gravityflow.io/.


I think I did enough reading to know. It seems like Gravity Flow is automation software built to trigger off of Gravity Forms.

I suppose we would need both in order to accomplish this, so the submitted Gravity Form would return some values via webhook call to Infusionsoft/Keaps API. Am I right for understanding that this would be impossible without a webhook? We currently use Formlift for all of our forms, but I don’t believe they have any webhooks, so I don’t think it would be possible with them.

Thank you for your response - I think my question is answered!


Nothing is impossible :slight_smile: But the way you describe is generally correct understanding yes.