Add Aweber tags to checkout in WooCommerce

Hi Maestros and Coders
I use to have a Woocommerce Aweber Plugin - But it messes up my action_schudeler with millions of lines that bring down my site … (Trimning the action_schudeler didn’t do much …) So I stopped using it. Now I miss out of a super cool thing: “Add product tags” and add customer to a VIP mailing list that I have in Aweber?

So my question is.
How can I add a form to the woocommerce checkout form/page (hidden) that adds a product tag: product_xxx where xxx= product_“product-slug”? or somèthing short. (better without the ‘product_’

And second - How can I add the client to the VIP list if they tick the box?
(I do have the Aweber add on and I can see the “TAG” field in settings for my forms :slight_smile:
But I am not a brillant genius like you - So I need and appreciate your help!!

Thanks for your time and help


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