ActiveCampaign add-on not firing on submission


Been using Gravity Forms and the official ActiveCampaign addon on a client’s site forever, and it’s been working fine, seemingly until the recent update to GF 2.6.9. The AC addon is on 2.0.

Forms are saving the data submitted into Entries, but the AC addon doesn’t seem to fire. I’ve tried reinstalling it and resetting the AC api, etc. However, the AC addon log in GF just keeps checking that the api authentication is valid, which it is, but it doesn’t seem to notice that forms are getting submitted.

Any ideas? Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Is the feed set to active in the Form Settings > ActiveCampaign area of the form in question?

Hey Richard, yes it is - I then setup another feed and sadly that didn’t work either. There’s no Conditional Logic applied to the Feed either.


Please open a support ticket, including the system report and log links, at

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