Accessibility errors

I’m having an issue with all my forms for the name & date advanced fields, I am getting the following accessibility errors

Issue with the Advanced Feild (Name)
A form control has more than one label associated with it.

Issue with the Advanced Feild (Date)
A form control does not have a corresponding label

Below are images to give you a visual of what I am seeing

See Image gravity.PNG for accessibility errors

See Image gravity1.PNG for backend form

See Image gravity2.PNG for Name (General)

See Image gravity3.PNG for Date (General)

I am not seeing where I could fix these issues, could anyone direct me to documentation if I can solve this please

Thank you

Please open a support ticket here with this information:

Thank you.

I see that you opened a support ticket: thank you. For anyone else experiencing these issues, please test Gravity Forms 2.4 (currently in beta 2 as of November 14, 2018) as there have been numerous accessibility fixes implemented. Thank you.