Ability to provide custom deposit/partial payment/down-payment for an order

How would you create a custom deposit / partial payment / downpayment using Gravity Forms? If an order is $1000, but I want to have the ability for the user either to type in a custom deposit amount. So for example $575. This is not based on a percentage, it is completely open text for the user to type in and checkout with this amount.

Can you add a radio button field, which allows the user to select “Pay in Full” or “Pay a Deposit”? Then show one of two product fields (one full-price, and another configured as the user defined price" where they can enter the amount they want to pay)? Then, you can use the “Form Total” in the payment feed you are using. Will that work for you?

That’s pretty interesting. It could work. I have 3 wedding packages, Gold, Silver, Bronze. User selects one of those.

And additionally, as add-ons, they could also opt for extra cost a DJ, Photobooth, and/or catering services.

So I guess if user selects deposit, then they have the configured price product and all the add-ons would be a free.

Thank you! Is there any other methods since this would easily double the number of products and add a bunch of logic.

I don’t think you have to create a whole new set of products to accept a deposit on. It might be something simple like you have all the wedding packages and all the options, and all that goes into the total. But if they then select “Pay a deposit” rather than “Pay in full”, THEN you show one product field configured as user-defined price. Doing it that way, you could use two feeds for your payment add-on, and use one for “Pay in full” and the other for “Pay a deposit” and you would use Form Total for “Pay in full” and you would use the specific product field for “Pay a deposit.” Does that make sense?

Thank you again Chris, I’ll play with it tonight. I was thinking along the lines that if they select a user defined price, put in their deposit of $500. And then select the DJ which cost +$100, then the total would actually add up to $600.

This is what I have. https://chapelinthepines.com/test-form/

Goto Option 2, and select a package and some extras. You’ll see I have a clever hack that will deduct the amount. I did this by having a product of negative $1.00 and you can add to the quantity to reconcile to the desired custom amount you want.

However, the client hated that idea so I’m back to sqaure one.

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