Issue with coupons and partial payments

Hi there,

I’m facing the following issue:

I have the following fields

  1. Product
  • Simple dropdown with dates, e.g. cost 1000€
  1. Coupon
  • Simple coupon field, with a valid coupon called “TEST” that discounts 10% of the total price
  1. Total
  • Shows the total price
  1. Payment | with the two following options:
  • Full payment (100%)
  • Deposit payment (30%)
  1. Amount (number field)
    Using the following calculation to basically take the Total price and multiple by the Payment which indicates if the user wants to pay deposit payment only

Let’s say the product costs 1000€ using a coupon of 10% discount, the total will come to 900€ (-100€ coupon discount) this works 100% fine.

Issue arises when the discount amount has decimals, in that case the amount for some reason multiples by 10 so in the same scenario

This is the calculation used for the Amount field:

({Total:61} * (1 - ({Coupon:57} / 100))) * {Payment:36}

Hi Giannis. I recommend opening a support ticket and including an export of your form so we can take a look:

Export your form:

Thank you.