Zoho CRM plugin IP being blocked when revalidating API credentials

I added IP restrictions in zoho CRM for security reasons, but zoho can’t seem to tell me which IP that is not allowed, that is causing the API for this plugin to not be authorized, and it doesn’t show in the logs. Their support seemed to think it is a zoho IP that I need to whitelist inside of zoho crm, but that doesn’t seem correct, and there are a lot and they have to be added one at a time, so before I do that, does anyone know which IP address this would typically be is this a IP originating from inside the script, my website, or zoho? At first I realized I needed to whitelist my server IP, which when I did that, I can manually authorize, but after some time it expires and fails when it tries to reauthorize automatically. I hope this makes sense. See screenshot of Gravity Forms Zoho CRM Add-On

Thank you in advance

The IP that needs to be whitelisted should be the IP address of your web server. If you need assistance with where to add or remove IP addresses from the whitelist, I recommend contacting Zoho for support.

I found the IP address of my server (where my website is hosted and where the Zoho CRM plugin is installed) using this command line:

curl -s http://whatismyip.akamai.com/

The resulting IP address is what you need to whitelist in your Zoho account:

I already did that, had to get zoho developers involved, there was something weird going on on the backend

Is your issue resolved now? What was the resolution, if it is resolved?

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