Zoho CRM add-on unable to authenticate via OAuth

Recently tried switching to the ZOHO CRM add-on and we are unable to authenticate via Oauth. It gets to the screen where you have to approve the permissions but when returning via gravityapi.com it ends up either back at the settings page without finishing the connection OR at the login screen to WordPress iteslf.

Is this a known issue with the ZOHO CRM add-on?

Hello. This is not a known issue, but there was a brief outage around when you posted this yesterday. If you cannot connect today, please open a support ticket and include your system status report.

Include system status report:

Open a support ticket:

Thank you.

Thanks @chrishajer I did try to connect again today and it still is behaving in the way I described. I will open a support ticket and see if we can get it resolved.

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