Zapier showing empty address field from form submission

Hi Everyone,

I’ve setup a zap to create a google doc on google drive and everything is working great! (Had to use Zapier Formatter to get the dates in right format my customer wants), the last issue I’m trying to track down is that the form contains an address field and the 2nd line of address may not contain data, but when empty, the blank line shows up on my Google Doc.

I’d like to know if I can only have the second address line show up on google doc if it contains data.

Haven’t had much luck with online searching, so time to come to the community. :slight_smile:

Any insight is appreciated!



I think you might want to reach out to Zapier.

Perhaps someone at Gravity Forms can help though. You would think the empty address wouldn’t show up if it’s blank.

I use gravity geolocation as it’s a single line field so it doesn’t matter if the second line is populated or not.

In your zap does it only give you access to the address field as a whole or does it ask you to map each individual field in the address field? IE. Street address, street name etc.

If they do ask you to map each aspect of the address field then you can set up a path (which is conditional logic) inside zapier to use path B which doesn’t contain the second address line if the 2nd address line is empty. Then if the 2nd address line is not empty use path A.

Hi Dere,

I can select each field for my doc, so I’ll take a look for the path item you mentioned. Haven’t heard or seen the term so that is a step forward!



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