Zapier Admin label bugged


It apears that there was an update in the Zapier code on Zapier. Now GF does not send the information of the admin label correctly. I have a created a support request but support is not available during weekends.

The current Issue I’m now having is that admin labels are not show in Zapier. In Zapier only the ‘normal’ labels are show. However when the zap runs it still uses the admin labels, this causes extreme issues because of missing / not available data.

Sadly I can not embed all the screencaps. In this screencap you see that ‘This an adminlabel: 1’. This is the admin label data in the DATA OUT but when setting up the zap you can only see the ‘normal’ label. This causes data to not be stored correctly as seen in step 2.

Hi Masha. Zapier 4.1 includes support for the admin labels. This is from the change log:

  • Added support for using admin labels instead of front end labels for the entry data returned when configuring a Zap.

What Zapier version are you using?

Hi Chris, I will send screenshots in a few emails. As I’m a new user I can only place 2 links.

Here are the images showcasing the problem. I’ve added the admin labels correctly and set up the forms correctly. Before this weekend, the zap building was working correctly. I still have zaps that use the admin label, but when I want to build a new zap admin labels are not visible.

HI Masha,

This is indeed an issue and we were able to replicate it. We’ve replied in the support system and put the issue in front of the development team. As a workaround, you might be able to just set Admin Labels to False as the mapping looks like it’s only pulling the non-admin labels regardless.