WPML and email routing not working [RESOLVED]

I use Gravity Forms, WPML and Gravity Forms Multilingual for a contact form. I set up email routing (like this : Email Routing in Form Notifications - Gravity Forms Documentation) to send notification to different email adresses according to the values filled in the form (with dropdown). It works fine in the main language but not with the forms translated in the other languages (english and spanish). The notification is not sent.
Notes :

  • All the strings of the form are translated.
  • The GF logs return the following:
    ERROR → GFCommon::send_email(): Cannot send email because the TO address is invalid.
    And all the values to match are in french instead of english or spanish (depending of context).

Any ideas ?

If it’s working fine for the main language, where WPML is not doing anything, that means your form setup is fine and there’s no issue with Gravity Forms. You will need to report the issue to WPML support, as by default there’s no integration with WPML, it’s provided by the add-on created by them.

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Issue resolved. When using email routing, we must not translate the fields values as the matching is made with the main language.