Wp-mail error not excepted before delete

Before I will open a ticket I wanted to raise that question here…maybe I am wrong…

We have GF configured to send them out by mail and delete them in WP.
Mail handling is done by Wordpress SMTP plug-in. Due to a mailserver config problem WP could not send mails and so forms couldn’t be sent. Fine.
I was really surprised that the entry was still deleted by GF! The test of Wordpress SMTP showed up the error as the mail couldn’t be sent. But it seems that is error is not catches by GF…?
I would expect that entries are just deleted in GF when a mail could be sent…?


Gravity Forms does not delete entries on its own. Whatever custom code or method you are using would be doing that. It sounds like the code runs after the notification is marked as sent, and there is no determination whether or not the notification was actually delivered. I don’t know of any code that actually checks to be sure a notification was actually delivered. This is the danger in deleting the entries soon after they are created.

Maybe you would like to use a plugin that can delete entries on a schedule, after giving you time to determine if the notifications are all arriving?