[Wordpress & Gravity Forms] Dynamic population don't work with complex fields

Hello there ! :wave:t4:

Firstly, I am sorry if my english is bad, I am not english speaker, I hope that i will be understandable.

I am currently working on a payment process which is working in 4 steps, each of theses steps contain a form that will populate some fields of the next step form.

All work fine except when i want dinamycally populate complex fields as “address”. Dynamically population for complex fields just seem not working.

How i am preparing query string field in option on this way :

Am i doing something wrong ?

I am using WordPress 5.4.2

I recommend opening a support ticket for this issue:

It will be more complex than that, and I think we will need your actual parameter names to be sure the query string and parameter names are both correct, Additionally, you won’t be able to use name as a query string parameter, as that is a reserved term in WordPress:

Ok, thanks for your answer, I will open a support ticket :slight_smile: