Wordpress comment form

Is there an existing solution for using gravity forms to replace the standard wordpress comment form?

Since Gravity Forms has been around for quite some time your best bet to get an answer would be a Google search. With that Google search you would also get this link in the results: https://legacy.forums.gravityhelp.com/topic/replace-standard-comment-form-with-a-gravity-form

So yes, you should be able, Google is your friend and: please mention specifics. We (and I mean that in a community sense) love to help, but we really do need to know the specifics to actually be able to help.

In short: please be specific.

While a lot of questions can often be interpreted as being the same as other users have asked, we can’t read minds (thank god… :wink: ). So we really need you to help us understand what it is you’re asking precisely :slight_smile:


Trust me, I love google…and I also happen to know how to use it VERY well. :grinning: I did a search in the forums and found that post, but noticed it was 6 years old.

I simply need the gravity form substitute to perform the same tasks as the standard wordpress comment form. As the other poster indicated, I prefer the error reporting style of gravity forms.

Thank you for coming to my rescue with your skillful use of google. :wink:

  1. I do not know you.
  2. You didn’t mention any specifics about what you already searched for / tried.

We’re not mind readers and have to work with what we’re given. When what we’re given lacks information, you won’t get the answer you’re looking for. Thus being specific is not only highly appreciated, it can only get you closer to a solution sooner.

Anyway, your sarcasm / passive aggressiveness is uncalled for. I for one don’t feel the need to help you with this any longer. Good luck with your search.