WooCommerce Gravity Forms Product Add-Ons with WPML

Hi there

We created a form for ordering a highly customizable product with the plugin “WooCommerce Gravity Forms Product Add-Ons”. Our website exists in 2 languages, translated with WPML.
Now in german (https://www.digitage.ch/leistungen/silber/) everything works fine, but in french (https://www.digitage.ch/fr/services/argent/) the product does get added to the cart but the price is not right.
Any idea what the problem could be?

Thanks in advance.

None of those add-ons are developed by our team. So I recommend you to contact the authors of the add-ons. If the issue is happening only with the translated version of the form, it would make sense to contact WPML authors first, as according to the issue description it points to the translation done by WPML causing the issue.

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